Meet Our Leadership

Photo of Eldar Urmancheyev, Founder and CEO of the Investor's Guardian

Dr Eldar Urmancheyev

Founder & CEO

Eldar founded the TIG to incorporate two decades of his experience supervising major construction development projects worldwide for the benefit of company's clients. He is a professional engineer, economist and a seasoned property investor. His original due diligence technology and pre-design research algorithms are the cornerstone of the TIG's unique offer.

Photo of Attila Horváth, Technical Director of the Investor's Guardian

Attila Horváth

Technical Director

Attila G. Horvath has more than 25 years’ experience in AutoCAD Architecture. He started to work on BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects 8 years ago. He is not just a knowledge collector: he also taught at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and wrote books on AutoCAD Architecture. In 2007 he was entrusted with the task of creating a BIM model for Budapest International Airport.

In 2014 Attila became a co-founder and Vice-President of the Hungarian BIM Association.

Photo of Natalia Moroz, Marketing Director of the Investor's Guardian

Natalia Moroz

Marketing Director

17 years of experience in marketing and advertising, 12 years of consultancy in marketing and 5 years of running her own marketing business has made Natalia a true guru of designing and managing marketing campaigns that work in a variety of industries.

At the TIG Natalia is responsible for the development and management of tailored marketing campaigns for our customers, based on detailed market research and analysis.